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Chrysocephalum apiculatum, yellow buttons

Close up of a Chrysocephalum apiculatum, yellow buttons, flower. Yellow buttons is a perennial herb that is found in all States and Territories in Australia in a wide range of environments.

Yellow button flower coming

A baby Chrysocephalum apiculatum, or Yellow Buttons, coming into flower.

Drumsticks and buttons

more babies potted up and moving out to the growing area. Pictured are Pycnosorus globosus – Drumsticks or Billy Buttons (rear), and Chrysocephalum apiculatum – Yellow Buttons. Both are beautiful ground cover / rockery plants.

Gardening Australia – new digs

Check this for a great use of small local natives. Millie is passionate about sourcing local, unique and cheap materials and putting them to work. Costa is keen to check out her new place in the Central Highlands, about an hour North West of Melbourne. http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/factsheets/new-digs/10247038