Gardening Australia – winning natives

This garden is stunning!
Maria and Gordon Reynolds have received several Carnival of the Flowers competition awards for their garden and although this gives them a real boost, their main motivation is to show people what can be achieved with native plants.

The garden has been created over a 10 year period and is jam-packed with an array of native plants. Although native gardens are often thought of as ‘wild and rambling’ this garden is a more formal, cottage style where plants are kept smaller and in check with regular pruning.

Gardening Australia – Gorgeous Gums

Eucalypts are an iconic group of Australian trees and they occur right across the country. Many are too large for the average-sized garden but Josh showcases some modest sized West Australian species that might be worth trying out.

Philotheca myoporoides

A young Philotheca myoporoides Stardust – Long-leaf Waxflower – is about to burst into flower

Gardening Australia – new digs

Check this for a great use of small local natives.

Millie is passionate about sourcing local, unique and cheap materials and putting them to work. Costa is keen to check out her new place in the Central Highlands, about an hour North West of Melbourne.

Acacia montana flowering

A juvenile Acacia montana coming into flower for the first time

Kangaroo Paws

Love these colours – red, pink and yellow

Spring orders

A uteload of Australian natives to fill customer orders 🙂















Hardest part is not wanting to plant them all at home!

Spring ’18 specials

We have a handful of early specials to kick off spring!  Hurry, very limited stock.

To order, message us on Facebook or email . We’ll deliver direct to you on the weekend in Yass, Murrumbateman or Bowning.

Anigozanthos hybrid Bush Inferno (Red) – Kangaroo Paw
$20.00 | 200mm pot |  IN FLOWER
A compact medium sized variety, forming a good sized clump. Bold red larger flowers mainly in spring and summer, spot flowering at other times, bird attracting and great cut flowers.


Anigozanthos hybrid Bush Pearl (Pink) – Kangaroo Paw
$20.00 | 200mm pot | IN FLOWER
Kangaroo Paw Bush Pearl is a Dwarf Kangaroo Paw that is well suited to pots and tubs due to its prolific flowering habit. Bird attracting soft pink flowers are borne above the strappy green foliage for most of the year if regularly dead headed. Long lasting flowers are very suitable for cut flowers.


Bauera rubioides Candy Stripe – Dog Rose
$12.00 | 140mm pot
‘Candy Stripe’ is a low shrub with scrambling habit. It will grow to about 50cm tall and spread to 1.2m. It tends to be more compact in full sun. It has narrow leaves and pretty deep pink flowers with a white flare in the centre of each petal. It produces flowers for most of the year.


Callistemon hybrid All Aglow [PBR] – All Glow Bottlebrush
$15.00  | 140mm pot |  IN FLOWER
A stunning bottlebrush with luminous-pink new growth and bright pinky-red brushes. It is an upright shrub growing to around 2.5m tall and is naturally compact and free branching. Expect full flowering in the plant’s second year. A great native hedge that sits comfortably at 1.5m and habitat for small birds.


Grevillea diminuta – Tiny Grevillea
$20.00 | 200mm pot
This beautiful, spreading shrub grows to 1m in height, and up to 4m in diameter. The striking flowers hang in pendulous clusters from the cascading branches, the outer being a orange/rusty-red, and inner a bright pink-red. G. diminuta flowers from usually September to December. Local to Brindabella ranges.


Leptospermum hybrid Aphrodite – Aphrodite Tea tree
$14.00 | 140mm pot
A medium shrub which grows to about 2 – 2.5 metres high with narrow, lance-shaped leaves to about 15 mm long. The 5-petalled, pink flowers are larger than is typical for the genus being about 20 mm diameter with numerous small stamens surrounding the central stigma. The flowers have a green centre and are followed by woody fruits containing many seeds; the fruits remain unopened until they are removed from the plant or the plant dies.

Philotheca myoporoides Stardust – Long-leaf Waxflower
$15.00 | 200mm pot
A hardy shrub with a long flowering season of small but showy pale flowers set amid a firm mid-green foliage. It is a hardy plant that will thrive through cold and drought. Buds of apple-blossom pink open to flat, starry flowers with five white petals. The flowers are no more than 2 centimetres across but show out well against the green foliage. In Canberra the first buds open about the end of June, gradually increasing through the winter depending on the season – until early September when the shrub will be dotted with flowers.

More Callistemon citrinus

Just planted out another 120 Callistemon citrinus babies.

Why does the ‘cirtinus’ have a bright red flower and not yellow as you’d imagine with that name? Because the leaves have a light citrus aroma when crushed.

Callistemon citrinus, or Crimson Bottlebrush, produce huge numbers of bright red flowers in spring and autumn.

A small garden

You don’ need a lot of space to grow natives, check out this small garden alongside a carport, using our plants. Love how this turned out!

Strappy plants are: Dianella revoluta (front) and Dianella tasmanica (taller at back)
Then on left is Grevillea iaspicula (Wee Jasper Grevillea), a critically-endangered local plant that should grow a metre or so, and on right is Grevillia newblood, a local cultivar of low groundcover.