Oval Leaved Mint Bush

Prostanthera ovalifolia – Oval Leaved Mint Bush – in flower.

Leaves have delightful mint aroma, excellent in jams, jellies and as a tea.

Our creche grows

More native plants being grown out for sale 🙂

Prostanthera incisa

Prostanthera incisa, or cut-leaf mintbush, coming into flower in the nursery.

Yellow button flower coming

A baby Chrysocephalum apiculatum, or Yellow Buttons, coming into flower.

Another callistamon soon to flower

Another of our little callistamons in our garden about to burst into flower – from memory this one is a yellow; and also a good reminder to keep track of what you plant where!

Banskia progress

My baby Banksia marginata plants are coming along – I’m so attached to these little guys it’ll be hard to sell them when the time comes!

Philotheca myoporoides

Philotheca myoporoides, commonly known as the long-leaf waxflower, flowering its little heart out  

Hello little ones

Hello little ones, welcome to the world!
After four weeks of controlled moisture and temperature, the first two Banskia seeds are poking up (each side of the tag). These are Banksia spinulosa and Banksia marginata. I’ll keep you updated on their growth!

getting neater

We outgrew our temporary growing area, so have set aside a larger new spot for the babies to grow out. Our current plants fill about 1/4 of the new space, but we can keep expanding as needed.

Before summer we’ll have a shade structure installed overhead to protect them from the strongest of the summer sun.

Drumsticks and buttons

more babies potted up and moving out to the growing area. Pictured are Pycnosorus globosus – Drumsticks or Billy Buttons (rear), and Chrysocephalum apiculatum – Yellow Buttons. Both are beautiful ground cover / rockery plants.