New garden border

I decided to add a border to a garden I established not that long ago. The garden itself has a philotheca, an acacia, and a grevillea, so a native border will compliment them nicely.

As the soil is poor clay, I decided to dig a trench for the planting and then backfill with quality Martins native soil mix. The bed is raised and sloping, so I’m not worried about water retention.

The trench is dug, and a bag of Martins native soil mix stands ready
Another view of the trench

The trench was dug a little deeper than the pots. A cm or two of native soil mix was added along the base, then the plants carefully placed at the spacing I wanted.

Plants placed in the trench
Plants placed in the trench

Once backfilled with the native soil mix it was watered in well.

Trench backfilled between plants
Trench backfilled between plants

Although we have a bit of a heatwave here – six days of ~40 degree days, and only down to 22 overnight – I’m not too worried about planting in this heat. The plants have been growing in full sun nearby, in pots filled with the same Martins soil I’m using in the garden. Any transplant stress will be minimal, and I’ll keep the water up to them for a week or so.

Hopefully it won’t be long until they look like these in another section of my gardens.

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