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Closed due to drought

Sorry, we’re closed due to the drought – we don’t have sufficient water to get stock to retail condition.  Hopefully it’ll rain soon and we’ll be back in business. 

Grevillea rosmarinifolia

My Grevillea rosmarinifolia is just finishing flowering. It’s a well known species that usually occurs as a small to medium, rounded shrub to 0.3-2 metres high. The flowers occur in clusters from the ends of the branches and are mainly red or pink, often with cream, from winter through to spring and occasionally at other …

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Prostanthera incisa, or cut-leaf mintbush

Prostanthera incisa, or cut-leaf mintbush, is a shrubby plant native to rocky mountain tops of Eastern Australia. It has an attractive purple flower. The leaves are highly aromatic, ovate-lanceolate, 1–3 cm long, and teethed.

Chrysocephalum apiculatum, yellow buttons

Close up of a Chrysocephalum apiculatum, yellow buttons, flower. Yellow buttons is a perennial herb that is found in all States and Territories in Australia in a wide range of environments.

Bauera rubiodes ‘Candy Stripe’

Flowers of a baby Bauera rubiodes ‘Candy Stripe’ – a low shrub with scrambling habit. It will grow to about 50cm tall and spread to 1.2m. It has narrow leaves and pretty deep pink flowers with a white flare in the centre of each petal. It produces flowers for most of the year.

Oval Leaved Mint Bush

Prostanthera ovalifolia – Oval Leaved Mint Bush – in flower. Leaves have delightful mint aroma, excellent in jams, jellies and as a tea.

Our creche grows

More native plants being grown out for sale 🙂

Prostanthera incisa

Prostanthera incisa, or cut-leaf mintbush, coming into flower in the nursery.

Yellow button flower coming

A baby Chrysocephalum apiculatum, or Yellow Buttons, coming into flower.

Another callistamon soon to flower

Another of our little callistamons in our garden about to burst into flower – from memory this one is a yellow; and also a good reminder to keep track of what you plant where!